Budget Sheet

budget sheetClick the image above to download a printable copy of the budget sheet.

Setting a budget with your student can be cost effective, yet somewhat difficult. In order to streamline this process for both you and your student, we have provided a resource to help ease the stress that may result. It is important to keep good lines of communication with each other throughout this process and keep in mind that both parties have to be realistic with their expectations and needs.

Important topics to consider:

  •     Miscellaneous expenses, like going to the movies or going out to dinner with friends    
  •     Expenses associated with joining an honor society or Registered Student Organization on campus    
  •     Emergencies - do you plan on giving your student an "emergency" credit card? If so, make sure to define what an emergency is with your student and what the credit card should be used for.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office by e-mail at parents@uark.edu or by phone at (479) 575-5002.